Atlanta area counties eligible for flat rate CDR package








For CDR/EDR access within select areas of metro Atlanta*, we offer a flat rate of $450.00.  This includes travel to and from the vehicle location as well as retrieving the data and providing it in electronic format.  No data analysis or other work is included in this rate.  This rate only applies to vehicles which are covered by the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System (does not include Hyundai, Kia, or commercial vehicles).

*See list below for counties included in this flat rate package.* 

Integrity is the founding principle of our company.  Our work product is derived from an honest, factual and complete analysis of each case.  As such, we cannot guarantee that our findings will be favorable to the retaining party.  However, we will keep you informed as the case analysis progresses.  In light of these standards, our fees are not contingent on a particular case outcome.  

A retainer of $2000.00 is required on all new cases before work begins.  This retainer is not refundable. Case work beyond the initial retainer will be invoiced monthly.  Invoices will contain line items describing dates, services, hours, miles, and any case expenses.  If an account becomes 30 days or more past due, an additional 1.5% monthly late fee will be billed, and no additional work will be performed until the account is brought current.

Payment for depositions is the responsibility of the requesting party.  A four hour minimum ($800.00) is required, and this payment must be received at least one business day prior to the scheduled deposition.  If not, the deposition must be rescheduled. Payment for time spent beyond the minimum amount is due at the completion of the deposition.