Experienced Investigator

 Investigating motor vehicle crashes since 1997, with more than 1200 hours of training in collision reconstruction

Accredited Expert

 ACTAR accredited, courtroom recognized expert in accident reconstruction 

  • Detailed case analysis

  • Vehicle-to-vehicle relationships

  • Speed calculations

  • Electronic crash data (EDR) analysis and training

  • Vehicle and scene inspections

  • Lamp (bulb) analysis

  • Commercial vehicle and driver violations

  • Human factors (visibility, perception, reaction)

  • Motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian collisions

"Your involvement in the case was not just helpful, it was a very big factor. Without witnesses or anyone that remembered the wreck, it could only be pieced together by your team."

David Crowe • Law Offices of David Crowe • Athens, GA

Featured Services

Jones Analytics provides expert consulting services in the field of traffic accident reconstruction.  Mr. Jones is a seasoned and accredited expert who has more than 20 years of experience in accident investigation. Please contact us if you have specific questions about a case.  Initial phone consultations are always provided at no charge.

Certified Instructor

Teaching accident investigation and crash data retrieval classes to public and private sector investigators