Drivers approaching this intersection can't see the stop sign because of the utility pole and the overgrown tree.  Since this is a residential area, many drivers pass through each day and already know that a stop sign is lurking behind the foliage.  Also, the back of the stop sign across the intersection would provide a clue to an experienced driver. However, this situation could prove disastrous when combined with inexperience, distraction, impairment by alcohol or drugs, darkness, or any combination of these. The intersecting street is a 35 mph zone and is not controlled by a stop sign.  A vehicle running this stop sign would present its most vulnerable area ... the driver or passenger door ... to an approaching vehicle on the intersecting street.

Visibility issues, driver perception, and driver reaction are some examples of the areas in which Jones Analytics specializes.  Mr. Jones contacted the traffic engineering department responsible for this intersection and made them aware of the visibility issue, which was corrected before a tragedy occurred.  

Jones Analytics is pleased to offer a link to the Tire Safety Group, founded in 2013 by Matt Wetherington of Werner & Associates.  The Tire Safety Group offers a wealth of information about tires, including a tool to decode your tires' DOT codes, an iPhone app, information on tire recalls, articles on tire safety, and much more.  Click the logo or link above to visit now!

Where's the stop sign?